TICCI strongly condemns the attempted military coup in Turkey


In the name of the entire members of “Turkish-Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry”, we condemn in the firmest possible terms any attempt to use violent means to change Turkey’s democratic foundations and the rule of law. We invite everyone whoever is involved to respect Turkey’s democratic institutions and to comply with the constitutional order. All those in positions of responsibility must uphold democracy and the constitutional legitimacy, and ensure that the peace and normalcy have to be restored in Turkey.

Militaristic options will only undermine democratic institutions, stability and development in the country. Democratic elections are the most effective and actually the only means for peaceful transfer of power.

We do hope and pray that Turkey recovers from these unsettling events. We are confident that the government and the people of Turkey will persevere against these challenges in an orderly and peaceful manner.

We offer our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those killed during the events and wish a speedy recovery to those injured.

We urge all parties to continue to uphold and reinforce our shared democratic principles, including respect for democratic institutions and human rights.

The military inventions do not have any benefit neither to the social nor to the financial status of the countries. Turkey has suffered under military coups several times since 1960, which brought a lot of sorrow to the entire country. And those coups damaged the Economy of the country terribly, after every coup the economic presence went a few decades backwards and it took a long time to recover back to the normal.

Finally, we extend our regards all of those representatives of our partner organisations, academicians and friends who had contacted TICCI to express solidarity with us.



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