The transportation system in Turkey makes good use of the country’s highly developed infrastructure. For urban transportation, the major cities of the country are equipped with extensive rail networks both under and above ground, while public and private buses carry hundreds of thousands daily. In addition to public transport, taxi services are extremely common, offering a low-cost and expedited means of local travel. For coastal towns like Izmir and Istanbul, ferry services offer many travelers a viable choice, being both fast and far reaching.

For long distance travel, highways are the choice for many, as hundreds of travel agencies run daily bus shuttles to even the farthest towns and cities from major metropolitan centers. Rail is another means of low-cost and widely used transport; the rail network crosses Turkey from east to west. The railways are given special consideration, the network is enlarging and fast-trains enter service yearly.

The air travel option is becoming cheaper every year, thanks to the development of the Turkish aviation industry and the increasing number of domestic carriers. With a total of around 50 airports in all major population centers, one can fly from one city to another in Turkey in less than an hour, regardless of the distance.

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