Leisure and Sports


The cultural activities that one can engage in Turkey are only limited by individual interests and capabilities. Be it arts, hobby, entertainment or other leisure activities, the possibilities are countless. In all major cities movies, plays, concerts, ballets, operas and other varieties of cultural activities are awaiting either participants or spectators. Local festivals and more traditional forms of leisure activities are also rising in popularity.

Turkey’s rich geography and suitable terrain make the country an ideal place for alternative sports such as mountaineering, golf, scuba diving, rafting, skiing and yachting. Naturally, well-established and popular sports like football, basketball, volleyball have a considerable number of players and supporters all over the country.

Geographically located in both Asia and Europe, Turkey has a climate allowing extreme variations in climatic conditions, often in the same region or province. As such, it is possible to go skiing in a mountain resort after sunbathing on a sandy beach, both in the same day.

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