Kyrgyzstan Business Delegation Visit to India


Kyrgyzstan Business Delegation was hosted at Chennai by Turkish Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The delegation came to Chennai to explore the potential of Chennai and to talk with the businessmen and industrialists of Chennai.

The meetings and the B2B meetings had been organized by TICCI, at GRT Grand Hotel . The B2B meetings were held in various sectors like Construction, Textile, Leather, Shoe Manufacturing, Flower Import, Food Import&Export, Dry Fruit Import&Export, Honey Import&Export, etc. which were all mutual interests of the all participants

During these visits the President of JIA Business Chamber briefed about the potential business sectors of Kyrgyzstan and business opportunities in Kyrgyzstan. The delegation's visit to Madras Chamber of Commerce had been noticed as a milestone in the cooperative nature of Turkish Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chennai.

Secretary General of Madras Chamber of Commerce welcomed them and presented the potential of Tamil Nadu and the distinguished members of JIA interacted with Secretary General of Madras Chamber of Commerce.

Another round of B2B meetings were conducted at NRI International Office at Chennai, the meeting ended with dinner.

The delegation visited the United Economic Forum Chamber Of Commerce and had interaction with chamber's active members and interacted with each and everyone the guests have been honored by giving traditional shawls. The members of the delegation had sightseeing of Chennai, they visited Marina Beach, interacted with the local people and had been exposed to Indian culture.

The delegation assured mutual help and cooperation with each chamber's and with the members of chambers and they expressed the intensity for investing in India especially in Tamil Nadu.


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